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Welcome to The Mark Church Centre in Malta.

I have moved from the UK and am in the process of setting up a new practice.

I have something to help all age groups from babies, infants, teenagers and adults, to people in business and sport, to people who have retired and the elderly. Every treatment is tailored to your specific needs and my undivided attention is given to you in every session.

I am a highly experienced practitioner with a wide range of skills, knowledge and specialised techniques to help make a difference to your health, your learning, your personal development and the way you live your life. Please enjoy scrolling through my website to see the wide range of natural and professional treatments my Centre has to offer you.

These are just some of the areas I offer help facilitate change with my clients –

  • Help improve and maintain Physical / Emotional / Nutritional / Cognitive wellbeing.
  • Help parents understand what they can do to help their baby/child develop well physically, emotionally and socially ready for being able to learn. During pregnancy and up to 4 years old is THE most important period for the greatest growth of brain connections that link up areas of the brain.
  • Help children and adults overcome Learning / Behavioural / Emotional /Social challenges to achieve their highest potential.
  • Help support schools to be able to reach, and teach, anyone failing in the classroom with ease, success and reduced costs.
  • Help business people to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently so they are able to work at their highest potential.
  • Help Sports people to maximise their mind / body integration so they can perform at their very best.
  • Help Performing artists reduce physical and emotional stress so they can enjoy and perform at their very best.
  • Help clear phobias, negativity and self-destructive emotions with quick results.
  • Help mental health teams and prison workers with rehabilitation.
  • Help Veteran Service men and women release Post Traumatic Stress Disorders so they can enjoy their lives without constant triggers and upset.

If you have any questions, or you are not sure which therapy you need to help your issue, please contact me and I will be pleased to help and advise you.

If I cannot help you, I will let you know and will not waste your time or money.